Foundation Repair

The Brown Method

The Brown Method of foundation repair is completed by excavating a small hole exposing the perimeter beam of the structure. Then, a shaft is excavated and concrete is poured at the base of the shaft where we set rebar to strengthen the pier. Once set, we complete the concrete pour of the shaft yielding a solid, reinforced concrete pier.

This benefits the stability of the pier being installed to stabilize your structure.

Then, eight pieces of rebar are used to form and stabilize a haunch. The footprint of the haunch is key to the success of our method. Once cured, we use a hydraulic jack to level the structure. A steel pipe is placed to secure the level position. The jack is removed and we install a sonitube and it is filled with concrete. Our installation method ensures the sonitube is cut to match the bottom of the beam cradling the beam.

We then backfill the area that was excavated and the installation is complete.

With The Brown Method, you get the benefits of steel reinforced concrete throughout the pier, supplying a solid structure and a large footprint on which the pier sits.

Pier & Beam

Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

Brown has been repairing Pier and Beam structural problems for years. We know the cause of failures of this type of construction primarily relates to deteriorating materials which are accelerated over time due to the soil conditions under your home. Undersized support of the structure can also cause pier and beam foundation failure. This leaves your structure unlevel and unsafe.

Block & Base

Block & Base Foundation Repair

Brown’s pier and beam repair method begins with securing the main girder beam with hydraulic jacks.

A solid support is built under each beam. A concrete beam is adjusted as the structure will allow using the Brown Method.

Deteriorated structural elements may require replacement throughout the process. Upon completion the structure is restored back to allowable tolerances and is safe.

Brown Drainage

The Brown Drainage Installation Process

In most homes, an external French drain or drain tile is installed around the foundation walls before the foundation soil is backfilled. It is laid on the bottom of the excavated area, and a layer of stone is laid on top.

Once the drain is installed, the area is backfilled and the system is left alone unless it clogs.


Once completed, the area, save for a 2 in (5.1 cm) gap around the edge, is concreted over. This gap exists to allow water in from the foundation walls. This can be installed very quickly—one to two days by an experienced crew. The system is easy to maintain once installed.


Brown Mudjacking Overview

A small 2” hole is drilled in the slab.

A nozzle is secured to the hole to carry slurry set to the proper consistency. The voids are filled and the slab is raised to acceptable tolerances. The small hole is patched and the room is restored and problem resolved.

Brown Mudpumping Overview

A slurry of mud and cement is pumped under the slab (depending on the amount of lift) to fill the voids created by raising the slab. All pier areas are then backfilled with sand and top soil and plants are replaced.

Any concrete break-outs are patched smooth with new concrete and the entire area is given final clean-up.

Payment Plans

Brown Foundation Repair offers payment plans for the repairs your home needs.

Covering foundation repair cost at your home is more affordable than you might think. We offer options that include up to 100% coverage.

Ask your technician for more details about options that can allow you to repair your home without tapping into your savings, or existing lines of credit.

Payment Options

Working hand-in-hand with EnerBank, Brown can offer payment options to fit your needs. There are different programs including a low fixed-rate option with features including:

  • Low Fixed Interest Rates
  • Unsecured. You don’t have to put up your house as collateral.
  • Keeps your home equity intact. Reducing home equity takes away future options.
  • No headaches. After all your hard work and planning, you have earned a quick, hassle-free loan experience, and you get a response within minutes.

Please discuss the options available with your Brown representative. Call the Brown Foundation Repair office today at: 972-271-2621.

With available payment programs in Dallas and the surrounding Metroplex; You can Count on Brown.