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Payment Plans

*Loans provided by EnerBank USA, Member FDIC, (1245 Brickyard Rd., Suite 600, Salt Lake City, UT 84106) on approved credit, for a limited time. Repayment terms vary from 24 to 132 months. Interest waived if repaid in 365 days. 18.58% fixed APR, effective as of December 1, 2018, subject to change. Interest starts accruing when the loan closes.

Brown Foundation Repair offers payment plans for the repairs your home needs.

Covering foundation repair cost at your home is more affordable than you might think. We offer options that include up to 100% coverage.

Ask your technician for more details about options that can allow you to repair your home without tapping into your savings, or existing lines of credit.

Payment Options

Working hand-in-hand with EnerBank, Brown can offer payment options to fit your needs. There are different programs including a low fixed-rate option with features including:

  • Low Fixed Interest Rates
  • Unsecured. You don’t have to put up your house as collateral.
  • Keeps your home equity intact. Reducing home equity takes away future options.
  • No headaches. After all your hard work and planning, you have earned a quick, hassle-free loan experience, and you get a response within minutes.

Please discuss the options available with your Brown representative. Call the Brown Foundation Repair office today at: 972-271-2621.

With available payment programs in Dallas and the surrounding Metroplex; You can Count on Brown.