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Texas has recently been highlighted for its scorching housing market. However, surprisingly, Texas also holds the top spot for foundation failures, and Mesquite is no exception. The state’s soil, rich in clay content, is a significant contributor to this issue, especially in the Dallas Forth Worth area. Its ability to expand and contract dramatically poses a challenge for home foundations. During dry spells, the soil shrinks, causing settling and cracking in foundations. Conversely, heavy rain saturates the soil, leading to shifts in the foundation. It’s common to find telltale signs of foundation damage in Texas homes’ foundations, walls, and brickwork, necessitating costly repairs and diminishing property value.

Image of foundation repai in Waco Texas by Brown Foundation Reapir.A home’s foundation, though often underestimated, is the bedrock of structural stability. Neglecting foundation issues can compromise the integrity of the entire house, affecting its safety and stability. Maintaining a solid foundation isn’t just about resale value; it’s about ensuring your ongoing comfort and safety. Overlooking potential foundation problems can escalate into larger issues, compromising your home’s stability over time. At Brown Foundation Repair, we understand the apprehension homeowners face when suspecting foundation damage. We’ve honed our foundation repair methods to address these concerns. Offering complimentary foundation evaluations backed by warranties and boasting an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we strive to provide top-tier service and guaranteed results with our foundation repair services near Mesquite, TX.

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Signs You Need Foundation Repair Near Mesquite, TX

Foundation damage in Mesquite, TX, stems from various environmental factors rather than a single cause when water infiltrates the soil surrounding the foundation, whether from rain, humidity, or other sources, it causes expansion in the soil, just like a dry sponge being introduced to water.

Situated in the Blackland Prairie zone with deep, dark, alkaline clays, Mesquite faces the challenge of “cracking clays.” These dark, alkaline clays are prone to forming deep fissures during dry spells, which Texas is no stranger to. This soil’s tendency to shrink and swell significantly heightens the risk of foundation damage. While slight settling might not raise immediate concern, excessive expansion can create pressure on the home, resulting in structural issues and subsequent leaks, compounding the damage.

As temperatures rise or natural conditions shift, moisture depletion prompts soil contraction around the foundation, and the addition of moisture in the soil creates soil expansion. This ongoing cycle of soil expansion and contraction gradually builds up until foundational issues occur, which undermines the home’s structural integrity. Some of the most common contributors to foundation damage near

Mesquite, Texas, includes:

  • Soil erosion
  • Improper concrete foundation laying
  • Sinkhole formation
  • Soil shifting
  • Water-related damage

How Do I Know My Foundation Needs Repair?

Identifying foundation damage early can save homeowners from extensive repair costs and maintain the structural integrity of their homes. Several warning signs indicate potential foundation issues:

  • Nails Popping Out of Drywall – Multiple instances of nails protruding through drywall may seem minor but could indicate foundational issues if widespread.
  • Bouncy & Warped Floors – Sagging, bouncy, or warped floors suggest settling or compression, often indicating foundation damage. While slight unevenness might be common, noticeable changes in floor level warrant immediate attention.
  • Joint Separation – Failure or separation of expansion joints due to foundation damage can lead to widespread cracking in the home, potentially compromising the entire foundation.
  • Gaps in Windows & Walls – Shifting foundations can cause walls to pull away from windows and doors, creating gaps. Over time, this can compromise structural integrity and allow moisture and pests to enter.
  • Cracks in Walls – Diagonal cracks on walls may signal foundation problems, especially if more cracks appear over time. While a few vertical cracks might be normal, an increase in their number requires a foundation inspection.

Regularly inspecting for these signs and promptly addressing any anomalies can help homeowners catch foundation issues early, potentially saving them significant repair expenses and preserving their home’s stability.
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Choose The Brown Method For Foundation Repair Near You

Homeowners in Mesquite, Texas, seeking reliable and efficient foundation repair have a compelling reason to choose The Brown Method. The Brown Method is our very own independently engineered foundation repair system. Unlike traditional methods like helical pier foundation repair, The Brown Method offers a streamlined approach that not only expedites foundation repair in Mesquite but also minimizes expenses.

The Brown Method involves a specialized process designed for effective concrete slab repair. Strengthening the foundation involves meticulously constructing and stabilizing a haunch using eight pieces of rebar.:

  1. Excavation – Excavating a small trench exposes the foundation’s perimeter, allowing for the implementation of our technique. Precisely determining the haunch’s footprint is crucial for method success.
  2. Leveling The Foundation – Levelling the structure with a hydraulic jack is important to ensure future foundation damage does not occur. This is followed by the installation of a steel sonotube pipe to maintain the level position.
  3. Pouring Concrete – Subsequently, the sonotube, ensuring proper alignment, receives concrete poured into it. The bottom of the beam cradling the sonotube matches the tube’s bottom.
  4. Back-Filling Excavated Area – Upon completion, the excavated area is backfilled, leaving a robust, steel-reinforced concrete foundation with a substantial footprint for the pier.

The Brown Method significantly enhances the home’s durability as well as the foundation, even during severe droughts, ensuring long-term stability.

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Other Foundation Repair Options We Offer

Though The Brown Method is often our go-to solution for foundation repair near Mesquite, we provide various alternative methods tailored to specific needs. These alternatives include the following traditional approaches.

Block & Base Foundation Repair

Block and beam foundation repair technique is a traditional one and is a crucial method for reinforcing larger homes with multiple stories in Mesquite. It involves strategically placing concrete blocks and beams within the foundation, offering structural support for intricate home constructions. Precision is key in this process, making it essential to trust our experts’ expertise for efficient application. This cost-effective technique, primarily using concrete, offers versatility, with options like polystyrene blocks for better temperature regulation and moisture prevention, safeguarding your Mesquite foundation’s longevity. Whether considering home improvements or expansions, incorporating the block and base system into your Mesquite foundation is a practical choice for durability and support.

Mudjacking & Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling, often referred to as mud jacking, is the method used to restore levelness to concrete surfaces. In Mesquite, this process involves injecting a specialized mixture beneath or behind the sunken concrete slab, raising it to its original position. Despite the term “mud,” it’s not just dirt being added; our procedure includes a precise blend of soil, cement, and other liquefiable elements.

These materials are injected through small, discreet holes that are then sealed to conceal the repair. Choosing a knowledgeable company for mudjacking is crucial, as they need to accurately diagnose the issue and assess if your existing concrete slab is suitable for this method. Our team is ready to assist – feel free to contact us for guidance.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

crawl space encapsulation in Irving, TexasEncapsulation serves as a crucial preventive and repair method for sealing foundation gaps in Mesquite. Using heavy-duty polyethylene, we create a strong barrier on foundation walls and surfaces, preventing water and pests from penetrating through cracks and seams, as even slight moisture can cause significant foundational damage.

This service completely seals off your Mesquite foundation, using sealing tape for a secure barrier and a dehumidifier to eliminate residual moisture. Mesquite’s crawl space encapsulation effectively shields against:

  • Mold
  • Pests
  • Insulation issues
  • Temperature fluctuations

Your Mesquite home will experience improved air quality and the absence of musty odors with crawl space encapsulation. Additionally, reducing the moisture conducive to pests like termites deters their presence on your property.

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