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Your foundation is the most crucial part of your Plano-area home and keeps everything together. Damage can add up, leading to numerous problems that could end up costing you financially. Since 1963, Brown Foundation Repair has been providing foundation repair services in Plano, Texas. Our dedicated team understands this importance and knows how to deal with any issues with your foundation. 

Here are some of the expert services we provide:

Foundation Repair | Crawl Space Encapsulation | Block & Base | Concrete Leveling & Mudjacking | Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

foundation repair Plano TXFoundation damage in the Plano area often occurs due to moisture. It causes all types of movement underneath the ground, such as soil components shrinking or swelling, causing pressure to the foundation. Water can also reach concrete and metal, whittling it down.

Clay soil is very springy, which causes a lot of movement. Natural disasters like earthquakes or floods cause foundation issues, too. 

You’ll find that foundation damage often connects to other problems like plumbing leaks or drainage issues. Here’s what else you may notice when you have foundation damage:

  • Cracked flooring
  • Cracked bricks
  • Wall or window separation
  • Sticking doors
  • Misalignment
  • Bulging or uneven floors
  • Cracked walls

Depending on your location in Plano and the condition of your foundation, we can do different types of repairs. Here are some of the ways we’ve handled such tasks:

  • Spot piers
  • Sealant repairs
  • Helical tieback anchors
  • Steel piering
  • Slab jacking
  • Polyurethane foam injection

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Plano

Encapsulation is a form of preventive or repair work that helps seal any gaps in your foundation. We add a heavy-duty polyethylene substance to the foundation walls and surface. This barrier helps keep water from getting through cracks and seams. Even the smallest amounts of moisture can damage the foundational material.

With this service, your foundation is sealed off completely. We also apply sealing tape to connect the barrier and use a dehumidifier post-application to ensure that no moisture remains on your foundation. Crawl space encapsulation prevents the following issues:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Pest infestation
  • Heating and cooling problems
  • Wet insulation

You’ll immediately notice better air quality in your home and the lack of any musty smells. Additionally, with the lack of moisture needed to thrive, termites and other pests are repelled from settling in your property.

Block & Base

Also known as beam and block, our block and base technique adds support to your foundation. It is the perfect way to reinforce larger homes with multiple stories. The support material comes from concrete, which becomes different kinds of blocks and beams placed in intervals on your foundation.

It is a very versatile addition that allows for the construction of more complex homes. If you’re planning an improvement or a large-scale restructuring, then consider adding a block and base for your foundation first. However, this requires precision, which is why you should entrust your project to our experts who know how to apply this system efficiently. 

As it uses concrete, it’s an affordable method compared to others. We can also use polystyrene blocks as a replacement for hollow blocks. It’s an option if you want more control over temperatures during extreme seasons. This system prevents moisture build-up as well, and protects steel rebars at the edges of the concrete from water damage. 

You may also opt for this method if you’re planning to extend your home.

Concrete Leveling & Mudjacking

concrete leveling Plano TXOtherwise known as pressure grouting or slab grouting, this involves pumping a mixture into concrete to level it. The mixture is a combination of cement, sand, and other materials called a slurry. It is a way to repair the foundation that’s still in good condition but needs raising or leveling. Concrete leveling and mudjacking works best for lighter foundations, as well as driveways and porches.

To ensure that mudjacking remains a solid, long-term solution, we’ll have to test the soil underneath if it can support the additional material. We will also consider any moisture, as the slurry doesn’t work well if there is water exposure. If the concrete is severely damaged, we’ll consider other methods. Often the material won’t be enough to fill every hole and gap for damaged foundations.

We don’t recommend this method for load-bearing foundations as the movement caused by the leveling may cause more damage. 

Pier & Beam Foundation Trouble

Pier and beams are popular options for a foundation in Plano because of their stability. However, you can encounter different types of problems when they get damaged. Here are some of the most common we’ve encountered:

  • Tilting: The beams are moving, and damage can cascade into different parts of the foundation.
  • Poor construction: There isn’t enough support, which causes the foundation to degrade fast.
  • Sagging floors: The foundation is sinking, causing beams to shift and unevenness in the property.
  • Mold problems: Mold can weaken the wood foundation and eventually break it.
  • Moisture problems: Moisture can cause significant damage to the foundation’s structure. It can also attract pests and mold.

pier and beam supports in plano, txWe offer a tailor-made solution for each of these problems. You may need extraction and replacement in cases of mold or water damage. For shifting beams, we may need to raise the foundation and reinforce any existing support as stabilizing the foundation is necessary. If there’s too much damage, this type of foundation is easy to fix through replacements.

Pier and beam foundations in Plano need a different approach. Brown Foundation Repair has the knowledge, tools, and trained experts for any problems that might come your way.

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Since 1963, Brown Foundation Repair has helped many properties retain their foundational integrity in Plano, Texas. As a result of our repair services, the lifespan of their structures lengthen. 

We offer permanent solutions, and our decades-long track record proves our reliability. You need people with experience to handle repairs that can affect your entire home. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Emily L
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Brown fountain did a phenomenal job. I had Tony come and look at my foundation and right off that bat he told... me what would be needed done and also see what I was able to work with. Great service extremely professional as well the work crew. I still have work on my forever home to be done and will definitely use them more
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Mary Ann Allen
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Lee came out and gave me an expert and fair appraisal. Foundation is good for now. Appreciate the honest... assessment! Thanks Lee!!read more
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Lee Wormington came to inspect my foundation problem. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He... went out of his way to explain serval things in a way I could understand. He was pleasant and easy to talk more

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