Foundation Repair Near You in Temple, Texas

Foundations are a very important aspect of all homes in Temple, Texas, as well as the rest of the United States. Having a properly functioning and undamaged foundation is the key to creating a long-lasting home. Foundation damage is most commonly caused by weather, damaged gutters, and even errors in the foundation pouring process. To prevent structural damage to a home, the foundation must be maintained and the warning signs of foundation damage must be recognized. Therefore, foundation repair in Temple, TX is an essential process that is vital to protecting the structural integrity of the rest of the home, as well as a homeowner’s pocketbook. 

When homeowners notice that their foundation is in need of repair, it can quickly become a complex, stressful, and frustrating process. Oftentimes, homeowners are worried about other aspects of their home that the foundation damage has impacted (like cracks in walls or sagging floors), as well as how much the cost of the foundation repair will cost. 

Performing house leveling and foundation repairs requires thoughtful planning, careful execution, and much more than simply brute force. We at Brown Foundation Repair are known for our unique and successful method of foundation repair that is proven in Texas soils over several years and highly efficient compared to other foundation repair methods. Foundation damage can be frustrating for homeowners who are concerned about their home’s structural integrity. With our free foundation evaluations, warranty-backed service, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we ensure that every client obtains the best possible results. Foundation damage only gets worse, don’t hesitate to contact our experts in foundation repair near you today.

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Foundation Repair Near You in Temple, TX

Common Causes of Foundation Damage in Temple, TX 

Foundation issues are not caused by one single factor, however, in most cases, foundational damage is caused by a combination of a variety of factors. As water is introduced to the soil surrounding the foundation, it acts as a sponge and begins to expand. In most circumstances, homeowners do not have to worry about the soil around their foundation expanding, however, excessive expansion can cause the home to experience pressure that may cause issues in the future. Excessive pressure from soil expansion often results in minor structural damage to the home, thus causing leaks and therefore more structural damage. 

Foundation Damage In Temple, TX

When high temperatures or other natural factors come into play, the moisture in the soil will dissipate thus causing the soil to shrink around the foundation. Over time, this expansion and shrinking of the foundational soil will cause more severe issues to the foundation as well as the structural integrity of the home. The most common causes of foundation damage can include:

  • Soil erosion
  • Inadequate structuring or laying of a concrete foundation
  • Sinkhole formation
  • Shifting soils
  • Water damage
  • Uneven, bulging, sagging floors

Common Warning Signs of Foundation Damage in Temple, TX

For homeowners who want to avoid costly repairs in the future, it is important to address any foundation issues as soon as possible. Observing a few telltale signs can assist in identifying foundation damage. It is essential for homeowners to be aware of these warning signs of foundation damage because they may save them thousands of dollars as well as preserve the structural integrity of their houses. A damaged foundation may exhibit the following warning signs:

  • Bouncy & Warped Floors – Saggy, bouncy, or warped floors are often a telltale sign that the house is settling or the home is being compressed. These blemishes on floors are often a sign of foundation damage and should be addressed immediately. While walls may become warped, most homeowners notice their warped or sagging floors before they do their walls. It is not uncommon for floors to be constructed slightly off-level, but if a homeowner notices a change, it is important to take action to ensure that it is not a warning sign of a foundation in need of repair. 
  • Gaps In Windows & Walls – Shifting foundations can cause the walls to pull away from windows and doors. Over time, this will likely occur very gradually, but it can be harmful if left unchecked. In some instances, the foundation can cause the walls to pull away from the foundation, creating gaps through which moisture and bugs can enter the residence. Consequently, the house’s structural integrity may be compromised. 
  • Cracks In Walls – When some of the walls of a home exhibit diagonal cracks, the homeowner may experience a problem with their foundation. Observing more cracks over time may indicate that it is time to have the foundation inspected. It is normal to notice a few vertical cracks, however, if the homeowner notices more appearing, it may be time for a foundation inspection. 
  • Joint Separation – An expansion joint is used in a structure to compensate for movement that may occur as a result of shifting of the earth, changes in temperature, changes in humidity, and other factors. If a foundation is damaged, the expansion joint may separate, resulting in the joint failing and widespread cracking throughout the home. An expansion joint failure, however, can result in the failure of the entire foundation.
  • Nails Appearing To Pop Out Of Drywall – For many homeowners, it may appear harmless and easy to repair a few nails poking through drywall, however, if the problem is widespread, it may indicate that the foundation is compromised.

Foundation Repair Near You in Temple, Texas: The Brown Method

As an easier, more efficient, and more effective alternative to traditional foundation repair methods, we developed and mastered The Brown Method for repairing foundations throughout Texas. Compared to other methods of foundation repair, The Brown Method does not only reduce project time but also reduces costs. 

Process For Repairing Temple Foundations Using The Brown Method

It is necessary to excavate a trench to expose the perimeter beam in order to repair a foundation using The Brown Method with Bell Bottom Pier. After excavating the shaft, concrete is poured and rebar is set within the shaft as a means of strengthening the pier. Once this portion of the project is complete, the concrete shaft will be reinforced with solid concrete. As a result of this method, the stability of the structure is greatly enhanced and improved, thereby stabilizing the pier. 

In The Brown Method, once the concrete has been set, a haunch is constructed and stabilized using eight pieces of rebar. It is essential that we determine the footprint of the haunch prior to implementing our method in order to ensure success. After the structure has been cured, it is leveled using a hydraulic jack. As a means of maintaining the level position, a steel pipe is installed. A sonotube is installed following the removal of the jack, and concrete is then poured into the tube. Our method of installation ensures that the sonotube is cut in accordance with the bottom of the beam that cradles the sonotube. Backfilling of the excavated area follows the completion of the installation. A solid foundation and a large footprint for the pier are provided by steel-reinforced concrete which is unique to The Brown Method. 

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in Temple, TX?

It may appear a small part of the building process, but accurately laying the foundation is of utmost importance. It is crucial that any errors in the foundation process be corrected as soon as possible, as they may worsen over time. The foundation of one’s home can be very inefficient as time goes on if it is not robust, accurately planned, and properly installed. No matter how securely a home’s foundation was placed when it was built, it may experience certain problems over time, even if excessive moisture wasn’t present. It is for this reason that Temple foundation repairs are occasionally necessary in order to guarantee the safety and competence of the home for many years to come. 

Book a Free Foundation Repair Evaluation Near You In Temple, Texas

As soon as you notice the signs of a damaged foundation in your Texas home, give us a call to first inspect the situation for free! We would be pleased to repair the issue once and for all should you elect to retain our services. You can trust in our expertise and knowledge — with over 50 years of experience, we’re the team for damaged, cracked foundation repair.

Call us today at (972) 271-2621 to speak with our representatives, or book a free evaluation online at your convenience. We also have foundation repair payment plans for the repairs your home needs.

We also have several books on foundation repair books for purchase that can help you understand the different techniques that Brown has developed.

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My husband Pat and I used Brown as we had always heard good things about them as well as a painter we had used recommended them. They came out shortly after we contacted them to do a inspection and laid out details of what needed to be done and what would be involved as well as the price.
Job just completed today and we’re very happy to be finished!



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Emily L
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Brown fountain did a phenomenal job. I had Tony come and look at my foundation and right off that bat he told... me what would be needed done and also see what I was able to work with. Great service extremely professional as well the work crew. I still have work on my forever home to be done and will definitely use them more
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Mary Ann Allen
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Lee came out and gave me an expert and fair appraisal. Foundation is good for now. Appreciate the honest... assessment! Thanks Lee!!read more
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Darlene Random
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Lee Wormington came to inspect my foundation problem. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He... went out of his way to explain serval things in a way I could understand. He was pleasant and easy to talk more

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